Roost Farms is now accepting harvest share members for the 2019 growing season. This year will be our sixth season- huge thanks to everyone who has supported our farm dream!  Every year so far we've sold out of harvest shares by mid-Spring.  So, if you're interested please don't wait to sign up.  If you have questions or need more information please get in touch.

Our aim is to provide our community with the highest quality, local, organic vegetables, fruits, and eggs.  We also bake some amazing bread and have some seriously fun farm member activities.  By joining our farm this year as a harvest share CSA member you’ll receive 16 weekly boxes of the freshest, best tasting, organically grown, local produce for you and your family.  Each week we will have a diverse mix of seasonal vegetables, herbs, salad greens, and some fruit from our farm.  In terms of quantity each week you can expect to fill a paper grocery bag during the peak summer and fall weeks, and a little less in early summer.  Everything is grown here at our farm in Wheat Ridge and we grow everything naturally, organically, and free of pesticides, gmo’s and harmful additives.

In addition to all of these amazing crops as a harvest share CSA member you’ll receive the following:

  • A dozen organic, free range chicken eggs once a month.

  • One loaf a month of the Denver County Fair blue ribbon Roost Farms multi-grain bread.

  • Beginning mid-summer Flower arrangements every week.

  • Recipes & other ideas how to use your harvest share each week.

The 2019 summer CSA season will begin on Thursday, June 6th or 13th (the start week depends on spring weather) and continue each Thursday for 16 weeks.  Harvest shares for 2019 cost $600 (basically $37 per weekly box).

To sign up & reserve your spot please send us your contact information and a $100 deposit to:

                                       Roost Farms, 7395 W. 32nd Avenue, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Shares are picked up at Roost Farms on Thursdays (3:30-7 pm).  If you are out-of-town or can't make it then we'll work with you to make sure you get your harvest share.  If paying the full amount upfront doesn't fit your budget we can split the CSA cost into four payments or make alternative billing options.  We sell a set number of shares each year and then suspend member sign-up until the following year.

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