Our Farm

Roost Farms is our dream child that moved from a fun, 'what if' idea to a 'how are we going to do this' reality when Farmer Chris ordered one hundred baby chickens back in 2013.  These adorable peeping fluff balls quickly turned our Denver Highlands garage into a scene straight out of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.  We needed to figure something out.

Thankfully we found a remarkable 1.1 acre diamond in the rough property in nearby Wheat Ridge.  As it turns out Wheat Ridge had long been one of Denver's 'farm belts' and we have loved living our dream of urban farming in a place that has a rich history of growing vegetables & flowers.   

We farm the front of our property by-hand using what we consider to be the most helpful organic practices.  Grown-ups, children, chickens, & goats play in the back.  Along the way you're also likely to notice a few honey bee hives.  We're grateful to live in a place where we regularly experience the joy & fulfillment of working with soil, water, plants & animals.  Thanks original baby chicks!  We wouldn't have done it with out you and we couldn't be happier.