Farmer Chris grew up spending several weeks each summer at his grandparent's dairy farm outside of Colorado Springs.  Like the other city grandkids visiting the farm Chris spent a lot of time of weeding in Grandma's huge kitchen garden.  Once you've had a just picked early season pea or green bean there is no going back. We love vegetables and we grow what we love to eat.  Since almost all our vegetables are hand harvested the day of pickup we believe we are offering everything we grow in its highest state of quality, freshness, and flavor.

Each year we grow around 30 individual vegetable crops from arugula to tomatoes.  By the end of the season we'll grow more than 75 varieties all together (this happens because we grow more than one variety of most crops).  The best part is that all of this diversity ends up as a variety of colors & flavors on your plate! 

 For 2019 we will be growing the following vegetables:

       Arugula           Asian Greens       Basil               Beans              

       Beets              Cabbage         Carrots   Cauliflower

       Cilantro          Cucumber. Dill                  Eggplant              

Green Beans   Kale Kohlrabi      Lettuce                

Onions             Parsley Peas                Peppers                

Potatoes          Radish Spinach          Squash                  

Swiss Chard   Tomatoes



We started planting fruit trees and raspberry bushes back in 2014.  Last year we had a small harvest from these young trees and bushes.  As the farm grows we will add more fruit trees.  Down the road we hope all of these fruit investments will pay off with increasing harvests.  Like previous farm years we’ll continue to grow cantaloupes so that there will always be some fruit during our growing season.


One of our favorite farm memories happened during the farm’s first year back in 2014.  We were literally scrambling to pull things together.  We would build one growing bed, plant seeds or seedlings, and then move to the next bed and repeat.  It was hard, satisfying work but definitely chaotic.  One day during all of this a car drove by with the windows down.  The car hardly slowed down but you could clearly hear the driver call out, “Beautiful!” 

We know beauty matters so we grow flowers.  Our flowers make us happy and we think they will make you happy too.  You’ll leave with a flower bouquet most weeks at harvest share pickup- last year we had flowers every week by the end of June.

 Here are the flowers we are growing this year-

 Cosmos           Black-eyes Susans     Snapdragons

 Sun Flowers     Zinnias