Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA) is a partnership between farmers and eaters that begins long before the first flower blooms or vegetable ripens.  When you join our farm for the year and begin to pay for your harvest share we use your membership dollars to buy seeds, seed starting supplies, compost, tools, and more.  Then during late winter we begin to start seedlings & sow seeds that will become the vegetables and flowers of this year's farm.  Your harvest share membership is an investment in our farm and allows us to buy what we need to grow the healthiest, highest quality produce, flowers, and eggs.

Each year on a farm some things will do better than others.  If a hailstorm or a pest damages the leafy greens then you might not have them in your share that week.  But if we have an amazing crop of tomatoes or peppers then you'll be taking home the surplus.  The CSA is our primary customer and what we grow is yours!  2019 will be our sixth CSA and our track record of growing a wide variety of vegetables means your weekly harvest share will be diverse and bountiful.

Our CSA is the backbone of our farm and we consider all of our members part of the farm family.  We look forward to spending the growing season with you and we’re honored to help feed your families.  Thanks to all of you who have helped us live our farming dream.